Esteli Nicaragua

Esteli Nicaragua ( Tuesday )
I spent the night in this town named Esteli, I got to do a lot of work on my websites and some laundry, This town is about 2 hours from Managua, very small, a little downtown, but according to the lady where I stayed that it wasn't safe to go and walk around town at night, For me this was very clear,So decided to stayed in my room and try keep in touch with my family and friends.

Esteli To Masaya

Esteli to Masaya ( Wednesday )
After having restfull night I went on to drive to Masaya, in between I stopped in Managua and went to see some key location but there were a few places That I wanted to see,But on my way to Masaya I found the Masaya Volcano, and this place was amazing, it was very weird for me because I have never seem a volcano looking down I got to see the crater with smoke coming up. I have tons of photos, They also have a little center with tons of information from many in the past and the history of the volcanoes, so far this is a number one spot I have seem so far on my trip, I am glad that I got to see this location, I will recommend it 100% for anyone coming down this way. After I went on my way and got into Downtown Masaya, it is actually very nice town, I met a local ( the hotel owner )his name is jose and he gave more locations for me to see in town, I can't wait until tomorrow to check them out, in the mean time I am going to stay at the hotel and rest so I can be ready for tomorrow.

Second Day here in Masaya

My second day in Masaya ( thursday )
Today was a great day. I called this morning my friend Guillermo here in Masaya and we met right after I called him at Parque Central, when I got there he was with his friend Anthony at the local Cafe. Then we went on around town, we went to El Mercador, there are two Mercados at Masaya and we went to both to check everything out, and doing some shopping and meeting some of his friends along the way, then we went over his house where and met his family, Wife and two kids, let me you I was treated really nice, we talked and ate for a couple of hours until it was time for me to go to another places I wanted to see before coming back later that evening to go to party. We really had a great time there with all of his friends. This is one of the few time on this trip that I really felt comfortable around them, I am hoping that I get to do this some other time in the future.

From Masaya To San Juan Del Sur

From Masaya to San Juan del Sur ( friday )
Friday after the party, I woke up ready to go, I went over my friend Guillermo to say goodbye before I left for San Juan del Sur a town by the beach, I got there rather early around 1:30pm. right after I went to get a place to sleep, I found a place about 2 1/2 blocks from the beach with very nice price, Since this is the slow season for tourist the prices of the hotels are very low. Then I went to the Malecon to grab some dinner and check out all the locals on main street where there are tons of bars and restaurant where you can enjoy the night with friends or some locals. People seem to be very nice and friendly, I can honestly I had a great time here so far I can't wait until tomorrow to go to the beach.

Second Day here in San Juan Del Sur

Second day in San Juan Del Sur ( saturday )
Today I just relaxed at the beach most of the day and the rest of the afternoon I went to the hotel, for some reason I was feeling a little tired, later I went for a walk around town to take some pictures and that was it for me, I was planning to go out at night to some locals night club but it began to rain, So I decided to got back to the hotel since tomorrow is going to be a long day because tomorrow I am going to go the Ometepe Island, This Island is formed by two volcanoes, Maderas and Concepcion, someone told me that there was a lot to see and walk so I gonna go to sleep, a god night sleep would be great.

Ometepe Island Trip ( staying in san juan del sur )

Ometepe Island ( sunday )
The day was excellent for me, I got to go to the Ometepe Island here in Nicaragua, I got to the ferry location around 9:30am. and the ferry got around 10:30am and we all left tem minutes later, This Island is formed by two volcanoes; Maderas and Concepcion, When I got to the Island since I was planning to comeback on the same day I rented a tour person with a car for $20usd. So I told the guide that I wanted to go the key locations because I didn't have much time, between places We stopped in a Restaurant ( shack ) to have lunch I spent more time there that what I wanted. The trip is something you have to see by yourself, but don't do like I did. If you are coming this way stay in the Island at least two days, it has a lot of stuffs to see and do, you will probably more time but 2 days would be just enough to see all the key location at the Island. After the trip I went back to the main land around 4:30pm. and I went straight to the hotel and I went to get dinner, right after dinner It began to rain for the rest of the evening so I couldn't do anything.

San Juan Del sur

San Juan del Sur going to the border ( monday )
This morning I left for the border with Costa Rica, It took me about 45 minutes to get there from San Juan Del Sur, when I was getting closer to the border I saw a lot of truck in line to cross the border, for some reason I had the feeling that this was going to take a long time

  • I am hungry

    Tengo Hambre
  • I am tired

    Estoy Cansado
  • I am Happy

    Estoy Feliz
  • How much it cost?

    Cuanto Cuesta?
  • I need a beer

    Necesito una Cerveza

Travel Tips . .

Get a good camera
A good phone
Take quality photos
Photos will create great memories
Create a professional website
Keep records of everything
Be very organized
Prepare yourself
Take your time

One thing that I learned on my trips is good photos will make a difference, taking good quality photo will bring great memories.
One thing that I did after my trips I went back to school to take a few classes in Photography and now that I know more about photography, something I wish I knew when I traveled.