Way to San Cristobal De Las Casas

From San Pedro de Tapanapetec to San Cristobal de las Casas ( tuesday )
Today Tuesdy was a great day, I left around 7:45am from Tapanatepec, during the way up to San Cristobal de las Casas it was all the way up hills for about 2 hours, I did stopped along the way to take some pictures from the panoramic view that I had from the mountains and vallies, little towns, People., in General everything was great. I got to San Cristobal de las Casas around 5:00pm. So I went right away to downtown to see what this town has to offer, Let me tell you, This is town you don't want miss because it has history in the buildings, crafts, the Artisans, a lot of them looks like the photos that we see from the Aztecs on the movies of history books, now that I am here, I am very pleased that I decided to stop by this town at the last minute, because it was not on my route, but I am here, I am planning to enjoy every minute of it.

From Puerto Escondido to Tapanapetec

From Puerto Escondido to San Pedro de Tapanapetec ( monday )
Today monday, I began my day organizing my truck because things were being misplaced all over the truck and very messy, Remember to keep things in place otherwise you are gonna go crazy, trust it is happening to me right now. So I did that, then I left Puerto Escondido around 10am. I drove to some beaches close by because some guys here told that there are some beaches where People are Nudist so Iwent there to check them out, But when I got there I was the only person on the beach on both of them and it was raining a little bit on both, But I spent some taking some pictures and a little bit of sighseeing around both towns. After I did thatI continue driving south, I wasn't sure how far I was going to drive, So I kept going. Along the way I found some cyclists riding thier bikes, They told they were riding from tijuana and have been on the road for 2 months some others have more time, they also told that they were doing this so the goverment will build more roads friendly for cyclists in Mexico I only met Pirul and jose the others were far behind and I didn't want wait for them, So I decided to contnue driving until I got to a place called San Pedro de Tapanapetec where I decided to spend the night in a Pemex gas station, and that where I am right now writing and updating my website.

From Pinotepa National to Puerto Escondido

From Pinotepa National to Puerto Escondido (sunday ) I got Puerto Escondido around noon time today, so I went to spend the rest of the day at the beach, This is the kind of beach that I like nice and clear just like the ones back home in Venezuela and with food stand right behind it so you can order your beers if you want to or order some food, The sea is really strong, but it wasn't a big deal. I stayed at the beach until about 5pm. Right after I went to get room close by the beach, because I was planning to take a walk around town, But now it is raining so I decided to stayed in my room working on my websites.

From Acapulco to Pinoteca National

From Acapulco to Pinotepa National ( saturday )
Today I decided to try again to get resolve my issue with my insurance, So I went to a location where some People from the day before told me that I could a chance with them, When I got there and talked to them, They didn't want to help me anyomore because it was saturday and they told me to comeback on monday, So another half day wasted. After all this I will not recommend this place, I think I am gonna stay in small town from now on. When I finally decided to leave Acapulco it was around noon, I also got lost a couple of time and then I have some problems with my visa card, I had to find a place with internet to call them, well I finally did that and resolved my little problem. So I put gas and got on the way to Puerto Escondido, the day cloudy and humid the whole day until around 4 o'clock while I was driving south, I only made to a little town called Pinotepa National ( yes folks you heard that here first ) here is where I decided to stay since it was beginning to dark.

Another Day in Acapulco

A second day in Acapulco ( Friday )
Today was a dissapointing day for me because I spent half a day trying to extend my insurance policy with GNP of Mexico and at the end they couldn't helped me at all, so my insurance expires tomorrow saturday and don't know where to go to get this resolved, I did went to some insurance companies but they also weren't able to help me, so after all that I went aroung the city, and late went on a little trip inside the city and it was great it is a boat ride around the bay that takes arounf two hours or so, they offer free drinks, music and information. tomorrow I am planning to drive to Puerto Escondido, may be I can get my insurance issue resolve there. I was not expecting to be this long in Mexico, I have been here two weeks already and I have not seem much just the west coast along the shores. One final notes: if you are planning a trip just like mine big cities like Acapulco you are not going to have a lot time to see the city. So I am planning to do from now on I will stay in small towns, it seem like I am enjoying more when I do that. Tomorrow I will be leaving for Puerto Escondido.

From Iguala to Acapulco

From Iguala to Acapulco ( Thursday )
Great day today from the time I woke up until I got my Hotel in Acapulco. First in the morning I got up and decided to drive to a town called Taxco it is about 20 minutes from Iguala where I stayed last night. This is probably the best town I have seem so far here in Mexico, it is a great town come and stay a few days, It has a lot of hills and you can smell the air nice and fresh, the locals the town me that this town has a lot history in mining specially silver, you can see shops and more shops along the main road. So I found a parking place and walking two see the town I decided to stop in a building were there a lot Artesans working a showing their work, this is one a kind place my friends, I have to say that since I like art very much, I got to see olds buildings and People creating art, what a place I highly recommend this town 5 Stars. I don't get to see a place like this one very often. Also the People that I spoke with they were very nice, and polite as wells. I would have to say that the more I spend time here in Mexico the more I see things in a different way, the images of the Mexican People are completly different from the one living in The United States, for some reason they are not the same, since I come from Texas and We have a lot of Mexican there, I am hoping that in a few days I can learn more about them until then I can only say that much. So folks if you are around Mexico City Don't forget to stop by Taxco.

From Ciudad Hidalgo to Iguala

From Ciudad Hidalgo to Iguala ( wednesday )
Now that I am safe in a hotel, It feels funny because I drove until around 9:00pm and was kind of scary, So if you are planning a trip like this one don't do like me... trust me "DO NOT DRIVE AT NIGHT". So this morning I wanted to get Mexico as soon as possible because of my time frame that I had, when I woke up got ready and hit the road, I finally got Mexico city, I quickly found a parking spot after I drove arounf the city to get to downtown. I left my truck and went on to the town, Since I didn't have a lot of time I went to a section were very old to take some photos a walk around town, I walked for about 4 to 5 hours, took a lot of pictures saw a lot of old buildings, shops, restaurant Etc., I can say that I had a great time looking at the town. On thing that I noticed was the traffic it is just like guadalajara very confusing but I guest by now I am getting use to see this patterns in the People and the way they drive here, I am sure by the end of week I will be pro driving here.

From Guadalajara to Ciudad Hidalgo

From Guadalajara to Ciudad Hidalgo ( Tuesday )
This another day in Guadalajara, I decided to stay one more night because I didn't get to take pictures of some others buildings I saw the day before, So I went early in the morning, But trying to find a parking space it could a challenge for anyone, I finally got a parking and went toget those photos but since I was already running late I took a few pictures and left downtown. I left around 12 noon super late for me because I wanted to make time to be in Mexico City by early in the evening but it was impossible. Number one: I decided to the free highway and took me the rest of the day, no only that I stopped in a few towns to see the city, The one I really liked was a town called Quiroga great little place to the artesans working, and People selling al kind of stuffs, handmade crafts, paintings and art in general. It can take a couple of days to see the town maybe some other time I will comeback around here. Finally I left town and went on the road to Ciudad Hidalgo which is about two hours from Mexico City, I still got a long way to go, since I am not palnning to stay in Mexico City I am running out of time, After all that I finally got to Ciudad Hidalgo and found a place to spend the night.

Two Days in Guadalajara

Two Days In Guadalajara ( Monday )
Monday morning, I was ready to go the Tapiceria to fix the headliner on my car, For a while this has been given headaches because I didn't have time to get it done, But finnaly I found a place here in Guadalajara who is gonna do it for me the cost $1000 pesos that is about $85.00 more than half less than what it was in USA. I got to the place around 9:00am. But the guys didn't begin to work until 10am ( they had to eat before working ) The job took about 5 hours to complete, while they were working I got connected to their's internet wi-fi and I began to update my websites it was perfect for me because I got a lot done while they were fixing my truck. After the job was done I went to downtown to see the city, some guys told me that I needed to see because it was very nice place to take photos, so I went, and they were right everything was just like told me, nice buildings, they have a lot history, those buildings were very old and the art on it were super nice, I have art major I liked them a lot, I can say that it was a great for me.

From Barra de Navidad to Guadalajara

From Barria de Navidad to Guadalajara ( Sunday )
This was an easy day, I got up put some photos on my facebook Account make a couple of calls and then I left for Guadalajara it was only about 220 miles but it was long I drove on route 87 and it was all mountains and valleys the views were great I have to say that, I stopped in a few towns took some photo. this is only day I didn't spend any money on food, I had some sandwiches from the day before and that is all I eat plus a couple of oranges and some cookies. I think I am losing some weight already and feeling good

From Puerto Vallarta to Barra de Navidad

from Puerto Vallarta to Barria de Navidad ( Saturday )
Today I woke up because some Locals told me last night a location where filmed the predator movie and it was close to town, Vallarta Zoo is located as well, when I got Zoo, the rivers crossing the duty road it all mud ans sand, It took me about 20 more minutes to get to the set where they did the filming, very deep in the mountains, at the end of the road where camp is there is a restaurant but it was closed for remodeling, but it was still open where I was able to see a lot of stuffs, I am glad those guys told me about it. on my way back I stopped in a tequila store where they make the tequila Mr Leyva gave me tour of the location and how they make the tequila ( for those tequila drinkers in the USA, here in Mexico they don't use salt and lime juice to drink, so this is what the guy told me, He also told if you get a headache is because they used sugar to brew it faster, I am not a tequila drinker, and the samples they gave me were very good.

Another Day in Puerto Vallarta

Another Day in Puerto Vallarta ( Friday )
Friday, Today I decided to stayed another day in Puerto Vallarta, mainly because I wanted to go to some locals beaches were People from here go to and also to visit Downtown, Because there is a Sign her that reads: " If you didn't go to Downtown, You can't say that you came to Puerto Vallarta " In the morning I went to a beach called La Manzanilla it was about 15 minutes from my hotel, It was ok that't about it, but the restaurant had some great Shrimp Empanadas, It comes in a set of 4 and they were really good, I didn't have to eat for the rest of the day, I stayed there until began to rain very hard for about 30 minutes then it was just raining nothing big, I went to my hotel and got ready and went to Downtown, which is very nice you can spend very easy a lot of money and it will take you at least two days just to go around that area there is a lot to see, places to eat, drink, shopping Etc., It was really great, I got to see the old buildings, there were lot of People as wells all over towns, I will come back to see more.

Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta

Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta ( Thursday )
What a day today, I woke up and went to Caffenio ( this is local coffee shop ) to work on my website and make a few calls from my Magic Jack ( my best toy ) and I stayed there until noon but I didn't actually left town until aroun 1:00pm. It think I left a little to late but I needed to get going on my way to Puerto Vallarta. Along the way I stopped in few towns to get something to eat, or just to take a break from driving, I saw some construction on highway 15, also there were about 5 or 6 police patrol plus 2 army patrol asking for papers and that was it, I didn't have any problems at all, But it was a long way, when I got to Puerto Vallarta it was around 8:30pm a little mistake I made driving at night. Right after I went looking for a place to spend the night and some food for dinner, while I was doing these two things I got stopped by a police car telling that I ran a red light, I knew right there that those two guys wanted something from me, So what I did, I told them from the beginning that I didn't have any money to give to no one, well they told me that I needed to pay the fine right there, I told then once again that I didn't have any money, After talking for a while I pulled a blank black t-shirt that I got from Walmart back in Austin and I gave it to them and guest what? they let me go and that was it, I was a happy camper, I got to my hotel with my food and a couple of beers to celebrate.

Two days in Mazatlan

Two days in Mazatlan ( Wednesday )
This is Wednaesday I got here in Mazatlan yesterday around noon time, I spent the rest of the day driving around town until it was time get to the hotel ( the hotel from hell ) and trying to keep up with websites including my facebook page, Tuesday night rained all night, I felt like looking for shelter because the rain was coming very hard, but after a while I went to sleep. The next day, I went to a local cafe where I met some locals and I got a lot of information about town and places to go and eat, in the evening I eat in local street vendors where i eat a couple of tacos, I have trying to stay away from food that I have never eaten for the momento, I would hate to get sick right now. Later in the night I finally went bed to get some rest for tomorrow, because I will be driving to Puerto Vallarta.

From Los Mochis to Mazatlan

From Los Mochis to Mazatlan ( Tuesday )
Today I woke up around 6am when the sun came up, I did a lttle bit of organization in the truck because it was getting a little messy , I took some pictures then I left for downtown where I saw all the students from the College, since I am looking for a free wi-fi spot in town I think this is the place to find out, as sson as I got there a couple of guys and they told me right way, so I went there, and got connected real quick and I was able to do some uptades on my website, I also called a few friends of mine back in Texas and Florida, for those who reading this now for the first time, I have a Magic Jack phone with me and I have been able to make calls around The United States, and Venezuela, I got to tell you folks this works great, By far the best toy I got for my trip. So I left Los Mochis arounde 1pm for Mazatlan, along the way I stopped in a little town called Culiacan I was kind of surprise when I got there, the town is actually big after all and cleaned as well.

From Guaymas to Los Mochis

From Guaymas to Los Mochis ( Monday )
The place where I stayed last night was very quite and peacefull there were not a lot trucks passing or cars at all, I had the opportunity to take a quick shower right there in the parking lot behind my truck, it felt very good and very cleaned, I was able to get a good night sleep and I got some rest to keep me going for the next day, because in the last few days I am getting about 6 to 7 hours of sleep. The drive was a little short compare to the one before it was from Guaymas to Los Mochis, I went through a few town but was no too much to see, my plan was to get to Mazatlan because I heard from the local People that the best beaches begin from Mazatlan. so I hope I can make there sometime tomorrow. I just got to Los Mochis and it looks very busy, I can see a lot of students around. I am hoping to find some travelers here in Mazatlan because there is where a lot of them transfer their cars from la Paz from baja California.

From Caborca to Las Guaymas

From Coborca to Guaymas. ( Sunday )
Today was very a short day day for me, I didn't do too much but drive until I got to Guaymas where I spent the rest of the day driving around town, making a few phone calls with my Magic Jack and it is working just fine I have called a lot of People and I haven't had any problem at all. I also went check the beach "Los Algodones "., Which I am going to check tomorrow monday.I also went around Downtown and the Malecon which is very close to Downtown, I took some pictures and walked for while. Then I went looking for a place to spend the day, and I found a gas station from PEMEX and it had wi-fi, that was kind of cool because one the guys working there gave me the password. While there I went to get a couple of hot dogs for my dinner. I also made a couple of calls from my Magic Jack I don't want to keep repeating the over and over again, But this device works great, If you are planning to take atrip like this one buy yourself one and you will see how well works. Dont forget to contact me if you have any question. thanks. " right now at 9:50pm local time. It is about 100 degree here in Las Guaymas "

From Ojos Negros to Caborca

from Ojos Negros to Cobarca
Today was very long and confusing because yesterday when I stop at the Beach (Mission Beach ) some of the locals told me that the water all the way south to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas is cold and only a few People go in the water, I was kind of dissapointed because I wanted to go in the water the sooner the better, So at that moment I decided to change direction. So I went East and take the route that go from Guaymas to Mazatlan, Acapulco and continue south because according to the locals the water on the other side is a lot warmer than the water from the Pacific Ocean, They also told me that's where they go. That sounded very good to me, so that is what I did and where I am right now. the town is called Cobarda, from here I need to drive to a city called Hermosillo from there I think I will try to make to the coast of Guaymas where I will probably spend the night there.

Border Crossing Info

  • I am hungry

    Tengo Hambre
  • I am tired

    Estoy Cansado
  • I am Happy

    Estoy Feliz
  • How much it cost?

    Cuanto Cuesta?
  • I need a beer

    Necesito una Cerveza

Travel Tips . .

Get a good camera
A good phone
Take quality photos
Photos will create great memories
Create a professional website
Keep records of everything
Be very organized
Prepare yourself
Take your time

One thing that I learned on my trips is good photos will make a difference, taking good quality photo will bring great memories.
One thing that I did after my trips I went back to school to take a few classes in Photography and now that I know more about photography, something I wish I knew when I travelled.