From San Antonio de Oriente To Esteli

From San Antonio de Oriente to Esteli Nicaragua ( Tuesday )
This morning I have to re-arrange my truck because it was getting a little messy with all the stuff that I carry inside, When I finished I drove from San Antonio de Oriente to Esteli in Nicaragua. It was a confusing day because of the border crossing that took me about 1 hour to do the paperwork ( see the border page for more details ) from the border I drove to a town called Esteli, I got here around 6:30pm a little late, so I went to get place to stay. and decided to stay at the hotel for safety reason according to the lady at the hotel was not advised to walk around at night.<

Border Crossing

Border Crossing into Nicaragua ( Monday )
Here I am at border with Nicaragua, I stayed just 2 days in Honduras because I did not feel secure in this countries after all the talking I felt more secure leaving without seeing the city or towns, This is because on the road I got stopped too many times in 10 miles road from the Border to the city of Choluteca and the police asked for too many papers including safety hazard triangle, and fire extinguisher, this is the only country asking for those two items.

From Santa Rosa de Lima to San Antonio de Oriente

From Santa Rosa de Lima to San Antonio de Oriente ( Monday )
I stayed last night in one the best places to stay in San Antonio de Oriente in El Salvador, and the best hotel I have stayed for now, it was super nice and extra clean, I have to say that I was very happy to find this place, This place is located about 30 minutes from Tegucigalpa going toward the border with Nicaragua, The is Called " Centro Kellog, Here it is split into different services, on one side they host dormitories for student who come here to study agriculture, about 1200 student and sleep and live inside this complex, These students stay busy from what I saw they have a lot of work. But the beginning of the day I drove from the border with El Salvador all the to Tegucigalpa, I got there late in the afternoon, then I got lost in the city and I could not find my way out, Then I got a flat tire but I was able to fix it rather quickly with kit I got in Austin for the trip and my little compressor I was able to the job in the middle of rush hour. After this that is when I drove to San Antonio de Oriente where I spent the night.

  • I am hungry

    Tengo Hambre
  • I am tired

    Estoy Cansado
  • I am Happy

    Estoy Feliz
  • How much it cost?

    Cuanto Cuesta?
  • I need a beer

    Necesito una Cerveza

Travel Tips . .

Get a good camera
A good phone
Take quality photos
Photos will create great memories
Create a professional website
Keep records of everything
Be very organized
Prepare yourself
Take your time

One thing that I learned on my trips is good photos will make a difference, taking good quality photo will bring great memories.
One thing that I did after my trips I went back to school to take a few classes in Photography and now that I know more about photography, something I wish I knew when I travelled.