From El Cuco to Santa Rosa De Lima

From El Cuco to Santa Rosa De Lima ( sunday )
I just drove half of the day from El Cuco to Santa Rosa de Lima, in between I passed a few towns and I stopped in San Miguel a small city on east side of the country where I found a Burger King to have lunch and walk around the mall MetroCenter, But this is not a tourist town, So I went on my way to Santa Rosa de Lima, in This town I stopped to spend the night before I cross the border into Honduras. For Dinner I decided to have some more Pupusas.

From Costa Del Sol to El Cuco

From Costa del sol to El Cuco ( saturday )
Today saturday sept 17th 2011. I drove early this morning toward the beach line on the west coast of El Salvador, I passed a few towns, and I stopped in a town called; " San Rafeal Obrajelo " It was a little town I stopped to get some food and also I was looking flag of El Salvador or a sticker to put it on the truck, I found some food but not flag, So I continue my way to El Cuco Beach. I got early enough to go into the water for about 3 hours or so, and then I went to get a place to stay. One thing that I noticed is that People here are in very relax mode because there is not jobs here and also they very humble and cordial, I felt very comfortable with them. Another thing that I found out is that one the ladies serving the food told me that they make $5.00 per day, I saw all the work that they do and let tell you, Beside serving they also do the cooking. It was nice to have those two ladies to talk to while I was having dinner.

From San Salvador to Costal del Sol

From San Salvador to Costa del sol ( friday)
Today friday I drove in the morning to pick up s guy that I met in Panajachel, Guatemala. His name is Dick Lai and he is from Taiwan, He has been travelling by bus from Alaska and has taken a plane in some part of the USA and from Dallas to Guatemala City. We left town toward the beach of El Tuco Beach this place is surfing spot for many People from USA and El Salvador. So we got there early and went to the beach right away and stayed there until 3:00pm. That was when we decided to get out and go out there to see the only road to check out the shops, most of them were closed, but Hanged around for a couple of hours, After we went to Costa del sol a town about 2 hours away from El Tuco, we got there around 6:30pm. But it was a little dark and every body was not in town just some vendors selling food that was it so we decided to go to our hotel and stayed there for the rest of the night.

From Sonsonate to El Salvador

From Sonsonate to El San Salvador ( Thursday)
This morning I went to a couple of towns close to Sonsonate about 30 minutes, but I went there I think it was too early because there was not too much going on and also it indepence day here in El Salvador. from there I drove to the capital San Salvador to meet with a couple of friends Ada and Guillermo Mejia. I got to San Salvador around 3:00pm. so I went get a place to stay for the night. later I went around town to take some pictures. after that I waited at the hotel for my two friends to go out and have some Pupusas for dinner, We went to place and let tell you those were the best pupusas I ever had in my life, I tried some before in Washington DC. and Virginia, but nothing like the one I had here, Number one Place The place is Called "Pupusas Margot" after we went to their house for a little conversation about the trip family, and my friend Juan who lives in Denmark. We spent a couple of hours until it was time to go back to the hotel. It was the best night so far in the trip. ( I needed this )

From Monterrico ( Guatemala ) To Sonsonate ( El Salvador )

From Monterrico (Guatemala ) to Sonsonate ( Wednesday )
Today I drove from Monterrico to the border with El Salvador. I had to my truck on a ferry to cross the river to the other side of town, "This was the scariest day of my life" Check my facebook account to see the photos. it took about 20 minutes for me it was 20 hours. I got to the other side safely and without any problems, So I continue driving to the border with el salvador, I got there early around 11:30 but they took too long to get paperwork done on both side ( I will have all the information on the border page ) At the Custom office I met some great People: Anna, Chris and Guillermo.

  • I am hungry

    Tengo Hambre
  • I am tired

    Estoy Cansado
  • I am Happy

    Estoy Feliz
  • How much it cost?

    Cuanto Cuesta?
  • I need a beer

    Necesito una Cerveza

Travel Tips . .

Get a good camera
A good phone
Take quality photos
Photos will create great memories
Create a professional website
Keep records of everything
Be very organized
Prepare yourself
Take your time

One thing that I learned on my trips is good photos will make a difference, taking good quality photo will bring great memories.
One thing that I did after my trips I went back to school to take a few classes in Photography and now that I know more about photography, something I wish I knew when I traveled.