Nicaraguan Border to Tamarindo Beach

From the Border to Tamarindo Beach ( Monday )
This is when I got to the border with Costa Rica, on the Nicaragua side the time was about 45 minutes to one hour, just a couple of things I needed to get done there, 1. close my permit and 2.get exit stamp, it took me that time because there were a lot of People there doing just the same. But when I got the Costa Rican side that was a nightmare of People waiting to get across just like me and the line was long. It took me about 3 hours to get all my paperwork done.
( See details on the border page ) When I got everything done I got on the road and continue driving on my way to Tamarindo Beach looking for the coast where I want to be. I got to Tamarindo beach in the afternoon, so went to check some beaches close by and then I went to Tamarindo Beach and I got a hotel about two blocks from the beach and stay there the rest of the evening. One thing that I did on my way here I stopped in this little restaurant and let tell you, the food was great, it remained me of my kind of food back home in Venezuela.

From Tamarindo Beach to Nicoya

From Tamarindo Beach to Nicoya ( Tuesday )
Today I was ready to check and one of my trip carrying stuffs to put in my truck I saw that my truck had a flat tired, I tried to get it fix but the tire had two nails in it, so I went to get it fix with a shop to make sure it doesn't happen any time soon cost ( $5.00 ) Dollars. When I got the tire fixed I went to the beach where I spent most the time, I tried to learn a little be of surfing, But it was kind of hard because I needed some kind of lessons to at least survive but it was impossible. the water and the weather were both good,it rained a little bit but not much. from Tamarindo Beach I drove to Nicoya a little town about 30 minutes from Samara Beach, where I will be going tomorrow. When I got to Nicoya it was raining again so I went to have dinner at the only Chinese restaurant place in town, There was a lot of food on that plate enough for two People,and then I went to bed.

From Nicoya to Cañas

From Nicoya to Cañas ( Wednesday )
This morning I went to have breakfast, for some reason I was starving, right after I went to the beach of Samara, Los Guiones and Puerto Carrillo, I stayed at the Samara beach most of the day laying down under some coconuts trees until it was time to go on my way to the next town, but before I left to have lunch, I had the seafood soup that I had in a very long time everything was great about it not complains here from me. From Samara Beach I drove to a town called Cañas in between I past a few town maybe too many. one thing in common that I saw around those towns they all sell fried chicken every where like in Mexico you find taco places anywhere, the same thing happens here, So if you like fried chicken this is you place. Tomorrow I will be going to Monteverde...

From Cañas to Parrita Beach

From Cañas to Parrita Beach ( Thursday )
Today I left early from Cañas to Monte Verde, It took me about 3 1/2 hours to get there, I heard good things about this place, But when I got there the place is just a jungle with wild life, this is not new to me since I come from Venezuela I can see this types of parks basically anywhere back home, This is the biggest disappointment on this trip, this was a total waste of time, I was so upset about it that when got there and saw what it was I took a couple pictures from the buildings and left to town to have lunch, Right after lunch I left the town in a heart beat, I will never comeback to this location. After I went on driving to my destination, Parrita Beach where I spent the night, I had dinner a couple of beers then I went to the hotel to relax.

From Parrita Beach To Buenos Aires

From Parrita Beach to Buenos Aires ( Friday )
Right I left Parrita Beach I drove to Buenos Aires, It was a little long drive today to get there, because I trying to get out of Costa Rica, since things are so expenses here even more that in the United States, this is not a place that I will be coming back any time soon, I got to Buenos Aires in the afternoon, a little dark, I went to get a hotel right away, I found a super nice Cabina with some nice young ladies. I had dinner and went around town to see the town but it was too dark and raining, So I went back to sleep.

From Buenos Aires To Ciudad Neily

From Buenos Aires to Ciudad Neily ( Saturday y Sunday )
This morning I got up and I went to see the Mercado in the middle of town ( Buenos Aires )I drove around looking for The Costa Rican Flag, but it was impossible to find one here, I went to see the little town but it was a little different from the rest of the places I have seem so far in Costa Rica, A little duty and the roads were in a very bad shape. After I went to the Cabina to get my things together and continue on to Ciudad Neily where I am planning to stay there until Monday morning when I am planning to cross the border into Panama, On my way there the road were in very bad shape because of the rain, I saw one bridge down but it was fixed just good enough to let vehicles pass through. I got to Ciudad Neily very early, I went to get a place to spend 2 nights here until Monday, I did went to check the town looking for a flag from Costa Rica, but I didn't find anything. On Sunday once again the rain came in the morning and stayed that way until late at night, I went out a couple of time but everyone was at home I guest because there was no one on the streets. So I have to spent the whole day at the hotel watching TV and working on my website, I can't wait until tomorrow when I will crossing the border into Panama.

  • I am hungry

    Tengo Hambre
  • I am tired

    Estoy Cansado
  • I am Happy

    Estoy Feliz
  • How much it cost?

    Cuanto Cuesta?
  • I need a beer

    Necesito una Cerveza

Travel Tips . .

Get a good camera
A good phone
Take quality photos
Photos will create great memories
Create a professional website
Keep records of everything
Be very organized
Prepare yourself
Take your time

One thing that I learned on my trips is good photos will make a difference, taking good quality photo will bring great memories.
One thing that I did after my trips I went back to school to take a few classes in Photography and now that I know more about photography, something I wish I knew when I traveled.